June 19, 2008


This has been a really hectic week for me. I usually get Friday, Saturday and Sundays off, but last weekend I had to work on Friday and Saturday, and on Saturday night my husband and went home (about 3 hours away) to see my Dad on Father's Day. Less than 24 hours later we were headed back home, and I went right back to work on Monday morning.

I worked late on Monday, and on Tuesday I worked almost 13 hours without a break. The girl who was supposed to work late on Tuesday got sick and went home, so I worked for her. By Wednesday, I was out of scrubs to wear to work. I came home yesterday and found one pair of clean scrubs. My sweet husband knew I was out of work clothes, and he washed a quick load of a little of everything. (We were out of other items too...and getting desperate!)

At my job we have a "schedule" of which color scrubs to wear each day. M-W-F we wear green, and T-TH we wear blue. My husband can't keep track of this schedule, so I was quite surprised to see that he had washed the blue scrubs, the ones I needed to wear today. He explained that he saw that the blue scrubs were on top, and he guessed that's what I'd worn on Tuesday, so he washed them thinking I would need them today (Thursday.)

I really appreciated this small gesture from my husband to help out with the laundry (truth be told he does most of it anyway.) And I love that he took the time to try to figure out which scrub I would need.

Isn't he wonderful?

"Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church - a love marked by giving, not getting." - Ephesians 5:25 (The Message)

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VPS said...

That husband of yours . . . he's a keeper! And a pretty smart guy too, to figure out which scrub you would need!

Praying for you both.